Jorge Tavera – Shining His Way Through the Spotlight

Jorge Tavera - Shining His Way Through the Spotlight

Jorge Tavera, a.k.a Georgie, has been at Ponder for two years.  His parents own Martha’s Taco Shop, so of course, that is his favorite place to eat.   Jorge can be found working at the family restaurant most days after school and on the weekends, and he may have 70’s-90’s Mexican music keeping him company while he works.  If he eats somewhere else, then Whataburger is the place for him.  When he isn’t working at the restaurant, Jorge likes to his favorite movie, Shazam, or his favorite show, Nailed It on Netflix.   A book that he really enjoys is The Boy Who Challenged Hitler.  At school he loves Forensic Science and the teacher, Mrs. Box, happens to be his favorite.  Someday Jorge would love to go to Prague and maybe cruise around in his dream car, a 2018 Mercedes S 550 and blasting his theme song, “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars.  If he could be a superhero, he would choose Batman and his superpower would be intelligence.   To those of you who know Jorge, it might be surprising to learn that his spirit animal is a wolf since he is the kindest young man.  For his dream dinner, he would invite his mom, Dan, Zachary, and Asher.  Have a wonderful year, Jorge!