Meet Mariah Gill


Kylee Anderson, Reporter

Mariah Gill, also known as Rita has been at Ponder for 7 years. You might run into her at Chilis or McDonald’s listening to musicals, country, pop, and some rock. You also may see her on the road to her dream vacation to where she once lived, Australia. She would love to have dinner with Grandma Rita, Dad, and the rest of her family.. In her free time, she might be watching her favorite movie Harry Potter and Star Wars – all of them- or reading her favorite books Harry Potter series. Mariah’s favorite teacher at PHS is Mrs. Lavacek and her favorite classes are choir and band. If Mariah could be a superhero,  she would be her own superhero who could have the superpowers of invisibility, teleportation, force fields, and the power to see through walls.  She would love to be invisible so she could disappear at any time, for mostly good and protection. Have a great senior year, Mariah!