Putting Pep in the Rally



The pep rally on Friday, October 4 started off with a bang.  The staff and student body started off with singing “Happy Birthday” to Dr. Birdwell who was turning “29” again… Next up were the cheerleaders getting everyone in the spirit.  Our emcee, Emily Garite, reminded the classes to be loud throughout the whole pep rally, and they were!  The Legacies entertained us with a rousing dance followed by some fun and games in a relay race.  During the race each contestant had to do a toe touch, cartwheel, splits, then grab a football and race back for their partner to do the same.  It was a crazy relay race. The cheerleaders then took the floor to dance and some of the football and volleyball players got into the spirit dancing along with them.  Finally the spirit stick winners were announced and the juniors claimed the stick this week.  Everyone had a great time and spirits were high as students left to get ready for the big game that night.