PHS Has a New Art Teacher

Trey Loyd, reporter

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Managing a restaurant for 10 years, prepared Nicole Probst ,the newest addition to the Ponder High School staff, for anything. This is her first year teaching as a public school teacher. She has taught at various dance studios and for Denton Community Theatre’s Theatre School. Before she came to ponder she worked at Greenhouse Restaurant in Denton for 20 years and served as a general manager for 10 years. Mrs. Probst has a husband and one child. She met her husband at Rose’s Costumes when they both worked there. Now her husband is an aircraft mechanic. Her daughter is in first grade and loves unicorns. What Mrs. Probst likes most about her job is the faculty because they are supportive, and the students are great to work with. Her goal for the year is to finish her Master of Arts in teaching at TWU. She most recently  choreographed CATS for the Denton Community Theatre, and they received rave reviews on the play. In her free time,  she also makes cool hats. Be sure and stop by and say hello when she is on campus!