Avengers, Purpose, and Seniors…Baccalaureate 2019

Mrs. J, advisor

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Baccalaureate 2019 attendees began with Emily Morrow delivering a moving invocation in which she prayed for guidance for the Class of 2019.  The Cowboy Church band entertained the audience with some toe-tapping music that also inspired those in attendance.  Caroline Hicks then introduces the speaker of the night, First Baptist minister, Kim Broadstreet.

Mr. Broadstreet began his message by asking the audience what superpower we would like to have.  This elicited a lot of conversation.  Around me, there was talk of  invisibility, seeing into the future, reading minds. super human strength, and more.  While this was fun, his point was this wasn’t reality, but that we can all be our own kind of superhero.  He gave examples of many “ordinary” people who rose up and became heroes when the situation called for that.  As he continued he urged the graduates to search and seek out God’s purpose for each of them.  He shared his own search for purpose and when he discovered his call to the ministry.  As he closed he prayed for each of the graduates to discover their purpose and to fulfill that destiny.

The slideshow was next which was an array of photos depicting the graduates as children and present day.  This is always enjoyable as we get to see a side to them we have rarely seen.  The night ended with the benediction given by Sariya Stowers.
Graduation will be Monday night at UNT coliseum at 7:00 p.m.  Come out and celebrate with the Class of 2019!

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