Music Banquet 2018-19

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Music Banquet 2018-19

Ashley Ingram, Reporter

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The Ponder music banquet was a hit this year! The turnout was more than expected, band and choir members as well as family and friends. The banquet was held at Spring Hill Suites, dinner was served to the guests, awards were announced, and then there was a dance. Overall everyone had fun, and the banquet was a success.

The first awards given out were to the outstanding students who impressed the teacher this year for each grade level.

Outstanding Freshman Awards

Choir: Kelli Muncy, Kyli Tolentino, Destiny Wolf, and Bodi Gill


Outstanding Freshmen: Hannah Zimmerman, Thomas DeLange, Synphanie Dennis, Bodi Gill

Outstanding Sophomores: Jordan Roberts, Nicolas Nguyen

Outstanding Juniors: James White, JT Brandon, Teisa Tipton

Outstanding Senior: José Sandoval

The next awards handed out were the choral excellence, this award is presented to students that show exceptional musical leadership

Choral Excellence Award: Jordan Roberts, Victoria Wiggins, Carmela Read

The Rising star award was next this award goes to students that have dedicated themselves to self improvements and growing their talents

Rising Star

Choir: Candra West, Luis Navarro

Band: Timmo Aja, Chase Luoma, Apostolos Koskinas, Haley Voelkel, Hayden McFarland

Sight reading awards were given to the students that were in reward of recognition of their growth and skill as music readers in choir during this year. 

Sight-Reading Award: Sky Wersal, Brittney Nichols, Brazis Hilburn, Everley Joplin, Sariya Stowers, Colton Sprabary, Bodi Gill

The next award was given for marching band students for their outstanding marching technique throughout the season

Marching Technique Award: Alexa Garner, Dewey Koelzer, Alan Rodriguez, Halim Rifai, Hannah Davis, Josh Cortez, Ashley Ingram

The sunshine award is given to students who always have a smile and are excited for the next thing, as well as encouraging other students and radiating positivity

Sunshine Award

Choir: Mariah Gill, Gabby Perkins

Band: Lexi Hood, Mariah Gill, JT Brandon

The helping hand award was given to the students that go out of their way to always help and are asking if anything else needs to be done

Helping Hand Award

Choir: Mikey Maleck, Billy Cely

Band: Maddy McEwen, Billy Cely

The school academic awards for band and choir were also announcedthese went to students who were good examples of what band and choir participants should be and set good examples for everyone else

Choir: Hailey Card, Yvani DeLeon, Brittney Nichols, Samantha Simpson

Band: Patrikios Koskinas, Bruce Godino, Lexi Hood, Dewey Koelzer

These next few awards go to students who really show their passion for these arts and work hard to improve not just themselves but others as well.

John Philip Sousa Award: Lexi Hood

Director’s Choice Award: Gabby Perkins and Julia Musacchio

National Choir Student Award: Sariya Stowers

Scholarship winners: Lexi Hood and Sariya Stowers