Advice for Incoming Freshmen

Karlee DeVoe, Reporter

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Freshman year can be a scary time for some people. Here are some tips and advice from the Class of 2019 to make freshman year the best that it can be.

Dallie Carter – “Don’t stop in the middle of the hallway to gossip with your friends, learn to walk and talk.”

Cameron Clark- “Don’t make Mrs. Crider mad before she’s had her coffee you will regret it.

Kaylee Howell – “Don’t be afraid to be to get involved in different activities and clubs!

Karlee DeVoe – “Don’t try to act big and better than everyone else, especially the upper classmen, it ain’t gonna work. Do not start drama, and try your hardest to stay out of it. Staying out of it will make your high school experience a million times better. Get a good group of friends and stick with them.  Get to know where your classrooms are at orientation instead of the first day of school. ”

Patrick Koskinas- “Don’t procrastinate, and do not anger Mrs.J”

Madison Jenkins- “Show up every day to school, on time, and do your work.  Doing this will help you be exempt for your exams.”

Madison Fomby- ” Make as many memories as you can, so don’t regret it your senior year.  Do your work and stay on top of it to avoid getting behind.”

Cintia Ramirez-“Relax and have fun!”

Tony Jacinto- “Make sure to show respect to your teachers (especially Mrs.J)”

Ashley Ingram- “Get your work done. Don’t walk in a pack in the hallway.”