Class of 2019 in the Future

Hayden Simmons & Jacob Pagel, Reporter and guest reporter

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Ali Johnson- “When Cintia is 25, she will have 4 kids and a whole farm with a lot of cows. She is going to marry Anthony and be a nurse.”

Cintia Ramirez- “Ali will keep on being a party animal till she’s 30 and get married and have 2 kids with a Cowboy Chicken degree.”

Madison Fomby- “Meagan Cope is going to continue laughing about everything and finish out on her volleyball career.”

Patrick Koskinas- “Timmy is probably going to become a millionaire”

Ashley Ingram- “Somebody’s gonna end up in prison”

Justin Davis- “I’ll continue to be better than everyone else”

Reece Low- “No comment”

Fede Martinez- “Carlos will be drafted first overall to the League”

Harley Bridges- “Fede will be owning his own Sonic and flipping burgers in the back for the rest of his life.”

Caroline Hicks- “Cole Ivans will continue to ‘diesch’ through life.”

Lexi Hood- “Mrs. Bieler’s “Frog-it” method will make it across the US.”

Remington Jackson- “Most likely to change their major in the first month of college”

Karlee DeVoe- “We’re going to do great in life”