Summer Job Ideas

Alexa Garner, Reporter

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With summer just around the corner, the extended break is a perfect opportunity for students to obtain some of their own money, and gain experience.

Some possible job ideas are:

  • Retail (Working at places such as the mall, Target, Walmart, etc. These places usually have set hours that you can easily choose what would work best for you.)
  • Lawn Maintenance (Paid by how many hours you take to mow a lawn, this is a simple job that would just require you to tend to peoples’ houses and keep their yards nice and neat for the summer. You can obtain a lot of money this way with the more houses you do!)
  • Lifeguard / Pool Maintenance (If you choose to become a lifeguard over the break, it’s a great opportunity to learn some important information like the proper way to perform CPR in case of emergencies, which looks good on a resume! You also learn tons of responsibility.)
  • Fast Food (There are many fast food places all around Denton, so it shouldn’t be a hassle to find one that would work best with your available hours.)
  • Internships (Although usually interns are not paid, you can receive great knowledge and experience by learning how things work revolving around a real-life job you may be interested in some day. The best way to find an internship that you would enjoy is talking to the counselor.)
  • Babysitter (There are always kids that need looking after. The best and safest way to go about being a babysitter for someone is first contacting those you personally know if their younger children need one, so always start there.)
  • Dog-Walker/Pet Sitter (Similar to a babysitter, all you need to do is just look after someone’s pet, usually their dog, and make sure they get their daily walking in. You get paid by the hour, and you get to befriend someone’s cute pet. What more could you want? Asking a friend or an acquaintance is usually the best first option to go about getting a job like this, but there are apps specifically for pet sitters!)

Getting a summer job can increase your experience greatly, as well as your resume, and provide you with fun opportunities and memories. There are many more part-time jobs out there, so be sure to look up some more ideas that could possibly interest you and get to work!