Teacher of the Month


Isabella Young, Reporter

Here at PHS we have so many amazing teachers and coaches that would do anything for their students, and we would like to recognize those who do there very best here at PHS! Here are  the past few Teachers of the Month.  If you missed it, be sure and congratulate them.

January- Mrs. Denning- Science is a incredible experience if you get the chance to have Mrs. Denning for chemistry or IPC. The love of the subject really shows throughout year, and she works so hard to make sure not only you have fun in the labs but in the classroom as well. Along with her love of teaching,  Mrs. Denning also puts on the Shattered Dreams project which helps shows student what the reality of their actions can really do.

February- Coach Espolt- Not only does he dedicate his time here at PHS to coaching football along with baseball,  he also teaches IPC and Physics. He does so much for the students making sure that everyone is always in a good mood, and if you’re not he will make sure to get a smile out of you before you leave.