What a Great Day For Ponder Golf


Taylor Saltzman, Reporter

April 8th, 2019 was an amazing day for Ponder Golf. The team played their second round of districts at the Tanglewood Golf Course in Pottsboro. The scores shot by the players on April 8th were combined with the scores they shot last week in their first round of district and between their collective score three students are advancing to Regionals!

  • Trey Saltzman shot an 87 this round, shooting a collective score of 173
  • Wyatt Pullen shot a 96, collective score of 189
  • Brady McGregor shot a 91, collective score 181
  • Kevin Ochoa shot a 99, collective score 219
  • Caitlyn Brown shot a 101, collective score 207
  • Taylor Saltzman shot a 113, collective score 223

The three students who are advancing to Regionals are Trey Saltzman, Taylor Saltzman, and Caitlyn Brown. The regional tournament is a two-day tournament in Tyler at the Oakhurst Golf course. Taylor and Caitlyn will play on April 22-23 and Trey will play on April 24-25!