Cows, Pigs, and Goats… Welcome to the Denton County Stock Show!

Cows, Pigs, and Goats... Welcome to the Denton County Stock Show!

Taylor Saltzman, Reporter

Denton County Stock Show took place on March 28th, 2019. From breeding goats to judging livestock shows, Ponder FFA did fantastically! The following four girls even won scholarships for their performance: Harley Bridges, Ashton VanDanBiggelarr, Taylor Reeves and Marley McNutt.

Kenedy DeVoe won Champion Cross Female for breeding swine, Casey Conner won 7th place yearling for breeding goats, and Harley Bridges won 1st and 2nd place Hampshire Ewe, Champion Hampshire Ewe and Reserve Champion Senior Showman.

In the market sheep division: Taylor Reeves won 2nd in class 1 and 2nd in class 4 sale maker, Harley Bridges won 2nd in class 5 and 3rd in class 4 sale maker, Hayden Simmons won 5th in class 3 sale maker, and Mariah Gill won 8th in class 2.

In the Market Swine division: Rilee Piper got 3rd and JT Brandon got 10th in their Commercial Swine Show, Kenedy DeVoe got 2nd Sale maker and Braden Rouse got 3rd in their Duroc-lightweight show. JT Brandon 7th, Alex Washburn 8th and Sterling Wilkinson 10th in their Hampshire Class 1 show, In the Hampshire Class 2, Karlee DeVoe 7th and Jay Bates 9th, and in Hampshire Class 3, Kenzie Crider 3rd Place. Ashton VanDanBiggelarr won 8th Sale Maker in Crosses-Class 1, in Crosses Class 2 Kenzie Crider got 5th Sale Maker, in Crosses Class 4, Cole Moynagh got 5th Sale Maker and Kenedy DeVoe 10th, in Crosses Class 5, Marlee Moynagh got 7th Sale Maker.

In the Market Steers division, Class 4 Exotics, Hailey Crumpton won 5th Sale Maker.

In the Breeding Heifers division- Gerts Class 1, Bret Pittman received 1st and won Champion Gert and Champion American, in the Gert Class 2, Bret Pittman got 2nd place.

The only student who participated in the Livestock Judging team was Taylor Reeves who placed 3rd individually.