PHS Advances 15 to UIL Academic Regionals


Taylor Saltzman, Reporter

The UIL Academic District meet took place on Monday, April 25th at Callisburg High School. The big group of kids that competed did amazing and 15 kids even advanced to regionals. Some individuals who competed and placed individually are Reece Pagel, placing 4th in spelling, Hayden Simmons 1st in Headline Writing, Sariya Stowers 1st in Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Matthew Best 2nd in Physics, Zach Perkins 6th in Computer Applications,  Dewey Koelzer 4th in Computer Applications, and Reese Arterberry placed 2nd in Chemistry.  Ponder had some teams also do well, too.

The 2nd place accounting team was the following:

  • Susie Han- placing 3rd
  • Cintia Ramirez- placing 5th
  • Cole Moynagh

The 1st place Calculator applications team:

  • Reese Arterberry- 1st place
  • Tim Vanderwal- 2nd place
  • Dallas Howard- 5th place
  • Antonio Ramirez
  • Hannah Zimmerman

The 1st place Computer Science team:

  • Tim Vanderwal- 1st place
  • Dewey Koelzer- 3rd place
  • Patrikios Koskinas
  • Apostolos Koskinas
  • Matthew Best
  • Zach Perkins

The 1st place Mathematics Team:

  • Reese Arterberry- 1st place
  • Tim Vanderwal- 4th place
  • Dallas Howard
  • Dewey Koelzer
  • Zach Perkins
  • Jacob Pagel

The 2nd place Number Sense Team:

  • Reese Arterberry- 1st place
  • Jacob Pagel-6th place
  • Tyler Akins
  • Clay Akins
  • Hayden Simmons

The 2nd place Science Team:

  • Reese Arterberry- 2nd place
  • Tim Vanderwal
  • Dewey Koelzer
  • Matthew Best
  • Dallas Howard
  • Zach Perkins

The students advancing to regionals, either on a team or individually, are the following: Reece Pagel, Susie Han, Dallas Howard, Sarıya Stowers, Hannah Zimmerman, Reese Arterberry, Tim Vanderwal, Antonio Ramirez, Dewey Koelzer, Patrikios Koskinas, Matthew Best, Apostolos Koskinas, Zach Perkins, Hayden Simmons, and Jacob Pagel. Congratulations!!