Homecoming Royalty

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Homecoming Royalty

Taylor Saltzman, Reporter

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On January 21, 2019, a new king & queen were chosen to represent Ponder High School. The Ponder student body elected some of their peers to participate in the 2019 basketball homecoming court. Each grade selected 3 girls and 3 guys and then selected 2 basketball nominees. The freshmen and sophomores who participated in the prince and princess homecoming court were the following:

  • (Fr) Kenzie Crider escorted by Tyler Akins
  • (fr) Karly Ivy escorted by Juke Kelley
  • (Fr) Cassie Ballard escorted by Clay Akins
  • (So) Taylor Wells escorted by Cody Kennedy
  • (so)Chloe Poole escorted by John Sweeden
  • (so) Summer Eaades escorted by Alex Weiland
  • Prince and Princess: Chloe Poole and John Sweeden
  • First Runner Up:  Summer Eades and Alex Weiland
  • Second Runner Up:  Kenzie Crider and Juke Kelley

The Juniors and Seniors who participated in the King and Queen election were the following:

  • (jr) Kylee Anderson escorted by Jase Hutcherson
  • (jr) Maddi Wood escorted by Mason Harwell
  • (jr) Kelley Akins escorted by Hayden Simmons
  • (sr) Harley Bridges escorted by Mason Durett
  • (sr) Caroline Hicks escorted by Cole Ivans
  • (sr) Jada Gonzalez escorted by Fede Martinez
  • (basketball Nominees) (sr) Kaia Williams and (jr) Bret Pittman
  • King And Queen: Caroline Hicks and Fede Martinez
  • First Runner Up: Jada Gonzalez and Jase Hutcherson
  • Second Runner Up: Kelley Akins and Mason Harwell


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