Another Slam for Basketball Girls

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Another Slam for Basketball Girls

Taylor Saltzman, reporter

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This Tuesday, 1/8/19, Ponder girls varsity and JV defeated Whitesboro in their district game. Ponder girls played an amazing game with little to no struggle. The girls hustled and led the team to victory, achieving a district record of 4-1  and a season record of 19-8 along the way. Ponder Varsity won 76-12 and their scorers were:

Marlee Moynagh (FR)- 7 points
Kaia Williams (SR)- 22 points
Kelley Akins (JR)- 3 points
Jessica Simpson (SR)- 7 points
Karly Ivy (FR)- 10 points
Jada Gonzalez (SR)- 2 points
Leigh Medders (SR)- 8 points
Harley Bridges (SR)- 15 points (season high)

The girls JV also won 70-16 with the following scorers:

Taylor Wells- 3 points
Jolee Simpson- 2 points
Breanna Hill- 2 points
Everley- 4 points
Tate Wells- 16 points
Skyler Cooper- 13 points (season high)
Chloe Poole- 10 points
Kassi Ballard- 19 points (season high)
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