A December to Remember

Taylor Saltzman, Reporter

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Traditions bring a lot fun, laughter, and always something to look forward to, especially around Christmas time. There are so many Christmas traditions that families already partake in, and there are also traditions that some family could start doing to add some continuity to every gathering. The most common Christmas tradition that allows bonding for the whole family/friends, is getting into a car and driving past all the Christmas lights, whether its in your neighborhood or in a light park, it never fails to bring everyone together and be in awe. One of the most favorite traditions is gingerbread decorating, whether it is for fun or competition, there is always tons of laughter and everyone’s favorite… CANDY! Another tradition is game night. Get together with friends or family and play your most favorite game, a popular game to play is White Elephant gift exchange, it always succeeds to entertain. Traditions do not have to be anything extravagant, but it is something nice to pass on to family and the generations to come.

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