Meet Kaylee Adler

Kylee Anderson, Reporter

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Kaylee Adler,  or you may know her as Adler, is my favorite person in the world! She has lived in Ponder for 17 years- pretty much her whole life. Her favorite places to eat are Whataburger, where she eats basically everyday. Her favorite type of music is country, and her theme song to describe herself is “February 28, 2016” by Koe Wetzel.  Her dream is to live in Dubai while driving a Chevy. Her favorite tv show and movie are A League of Their Own and a personal favorite The Office. Her favorite class is softball, and her favorite teacher or coach is Coach McQueen. Her spirit animal is a beached whale. Also if she could eat dinner with anyone she wanted it would be Harry Styles, Noah Centineo, Gabe and Jess Conte. One secret about her is she loves photography! So now you know a little about my favorite person in the world,  Adler!