Tyler Yeck

Alexa Garner, Reporter

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Tyler Yeck, mainly known as Yeck, has attended Ponder ISD for 13 years. His favorite teacher is Mr. Ford, while his favorite class is American History. The restaurant he favors the most is Luigi’s, but the fast food place he likes out of all the others is Taco Bueno. Tyler enjoys listening to the genre classic rock, and the song that he best believes would represent his life is “Feur Frei” by Rammstein. Out of all the movies he’s seen, he would pick The Thing (1982) to be his favorite. However, his favorite TV Show is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and his favorite story is The Cask of Amontillado. If Tyler could have any car in the world, he would love to have a 1955 F100. If he was to be any superhero, he believes he would be Batman, but the superpower he would want to have is intelligence. Tyler’s dream vacation would be to go to Alaska, which would be very fitting, considering he believes his spirit animal to be a bear! Lastly, if he could invite any 4 people to dinner, Tyler would invite Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Alex Jones, and Franklin Roosevelt.