A Day of Remembrance and Honor

Mrs. J, adviser

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Veteran’s Day is a day when we honor those who have come before us and fought for our freedoms, rights, and our every day way of life.  If not for these men and women, we would not be able to live the lives that we do today- speaking our minds, worshipping as we choose, and being able to cast our votes and make our voices heard.  Today is only one day that we take to remember these great men and women, but we should remember them and honor them daily.  And not just the ones who have come before us in previous wars, but the ones who are currently fighting and serving on behalf of our great nation.  I am not one to get into politics, but as the daughter, niece, and cousin of Navy vets and the niece of an Army vet, this day is one where I believe politics and personal grievances should be put aside to honor the military and all that these men and women have done for our great nation.  Please take a moment today to thank a vet, send a note to one, or say a prayer for those serving.

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