Madison Fomby


Karlee Devoe, reporter

Her nickname is Mads, and she’s being going to school here since 7th grade. Her favorite restaurant is Joe’s Crab Shack. She loves listening to rap/throwbacks/alternative music. And if she’s ever out and about running errands her go to drive through is Chick-fil-a. Her dream ride is a Volkswagen bus-super groovy. Her favorite movie is none other than, The Notebook, and her two favorite books are The Haunting of the Hill House & To All the Boys I’ve  Loved Before. Her favorite teacher is Ms. Davis, but her favorite class is Yearbook. If she had to be a superhero she’d be Violet off the incredibles, and her go to super power would be the ability to read minds. A song that describes her life is”If You Want Love” by NF. She’d love to visit Fiji one day in the future. Her favorite animal is a butterfly. She’d invite her best friends (Zeke and Isaac), and lil peep, God for dinner.  As for any secrets, she said simply,  “NOPE!!! I only tell my best friend!”