Cameron Clark

Madison Jenkins, reporter

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Cameron Clark or “Mowgli”, has lived in Ponder for 13 years. His favorite restaurant is Chicken Express, and his favorite fast food restaurant is Canes. His favorite style of music is R and B music. His dream car is a 2018 challenger. His favorite movie of all time is Uncle Drew and his favorite TV show is Friends. His favorite Teachers are Mrs. J and Mrs. Crider, and he loved Geometry. If he could be a superhero, he would be the Flash, and his one super power would be super speed. The theme song of his life is “FRFR” by lil uzi vert. His dream vacation would be Los Angles and his spirit animal is a lion. If he could invite four people to dinner he would invite, Lebron James, James Harder, Kobe, and Shaq.

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