Braden Rouse

Ashley Ingram, reporter

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Braden Rouse has been at Ponder for 13 years, and his favorite teacher is Coach Irons. He loves to eat, and his favorite restaurant is Mt. Fuji, and his favorite fast food is Panda Express. He loves hip-hop/pop music,  his favorite movie is Deadpool, and he loves the TV show the Big Bang Theory. His dream vacation would be to Japan, and he might just be driving his dream car, a navy blue Camaro. His favorite book is The Girl Who Disappeared. His spirit animal is a rhino, and the theme song for his life is “Ponder” by Tye $wish, The Norwegian, and Second Samuel.  If he had an superpower he would have flight, and if he got to actually be a hero he would be Green Lantern. If he could invite any 4 people to dinner he would invite his grandma who passed in 2014, his grandpa who passed in 2015, and both of my parents. As for secrets, he says he doesn’t have any to share.

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