A New Queen Has Been Chosen

Taylor Saltzman, Reporter

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Homecoming 2018 was one for the books, especially the halftime ceremony! This year’s homecoming court was freshman Marlee Moynagh escorted by Clay Akins, Kassi Ballard escorted by Eric Thedford, Karalena Barreraz escorted by Ethan Hinkle, sophomore Summer Eades escorted by Chase Taylor, Gianna Boria escorted by Demetri Stowers, Braidyn Burr escorted by Cameron Carroll, junior Emery Barraza escorted by Trey Carter, Maddi Wood escorted by Hunter Green, and Kylee Anderson escorted by Oscar Martinez, senior Kaia Williams escorted by Darren Kelly, Caroline Hicks escorted by Justin Davis, and the homecoming queen, Julia Peterson escorted by Carlos Zepeda and crowned by Jordan Doughty. The act of bringing the crown to the queen was performed by little ones, Kaycee Crider, Kinley Irons, and Ryder Wells.

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