Payton Meroney

Kendra Burleyson, Reporter

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Payton Meroney has been in Ponder for 4 years. His favorite restaurant is the Outback Steakhouse. His favorite fast food restaurant is Whataburger. His dream car is a Corvette. Meroney listens to Rock music. His favorite movie is Jurassic Park and his favorite TV show is Ballers. His favorite class is lunch, and his favorite teacher is Mrs. J. If he was a superhero he’d be the Flash, and he’d have super speed for his superpower. His favorite song is “Loud and Heavy” by Cody Jinks. Meroney’s spirit animal is a goat. If he could have any 4 people to have dinner with, he’d choose his Grandpa, Grandma, his Uncle Chase, and his dad. His dream is to go to Ireland.

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