Taylor Reeves


Kendra Burleyson, reporter

Meet Tay, also known as Taylor Reeves. She has been in Ponder for thirteen years. Her favorite restaurant is the Greenhouse Restaurant & Bar which is located in Denton. Her favorite fast food restaurant is Whataburger which is located almost anywhere in Texas. She listens to almost all types of music; her favorite song being any song by Taylor Swift. Her favorite movie is The Kissing Booth and her favorite show is Riverdale. Her favorite book is All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. Her favorite class is Agriculture Business which is taught by her favorite teacher, Mr. Lankford. If she were a superhero, she’d be Wonder Woman because, why not? She also wants the superpower of being invisible. Her dream vacation is Singapore and her spirit animal is a baby giraffe. If she could invite four people to dinner it would be Taylor Swift, Post Malone, KJ Apa, and Elizabeth Gillies.