Eichen See a New Future

Ashley Ingram, reporter

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Coach William (Reed) Eichenberg (Eich)  is making history, coming into Ponder with the football team and teaching US History.  Technically he came to Ponder last year the last few weeks to fill in for a vacancy left when Coach Johnson left. However, he is still a new face for many this year. This is his 8th year teaching, and throughout his years his goal has always been to prepare his students for life after high school. He wants to help them learn to be problem solvers. He became a teacher because he was impacted by his teachers and wants to do the same thing for the next generations, along with staying in competitive sports. Before coming to Ponder he taught at Anna and Lake Worth, and he looks forward to teaching here and getting to know the traditions and becoming part of the community in Ponder. He’s been married for 6 years and has a 3 month old son named Luke, and a 15 year old beagle name Bandit. He is working on his super power which is being a 3 am baby whisperer. . . he hasn’t perfected it yet. A quote that describes his personality is “Some people dream of success; others wake up and do it” – Winston Churchill.

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