Rose Becomes Red

Hayden Simmons, Reporter

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Mitchell Rose is the new head basketball coach here at Ponder. Coach Rose is entering his 11th year in education. He prides himself on being an excellent teacher and coach, and his teaching philosophy is to always find fun and engaging lessons to teach. He was a coach and teacher at Saginaw before coming to Ponder, and at Pooleville before that. Coach Rose recently got married to his wife, Kayla, who works at Ponder Junior High and would like to start a dance team. He has 3 dogs as well. Coach says his favorite part about his job is being around students. He also said the thing he is most excited about this year is making it to San Antonio in basketball. When asked if he has any superpowers we need to know about, Coach Rose said he can “hoop like no other”, but only when his knees don’t hurt. He says the quote that best sums up his personality would be “If you’re not first, you’re last.” We are very glad to have Coach Rose, and let’s give him and Mrs. Rose a warm welcome to Ponder.

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