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Class of 2018 in 2028??

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Class of 2018 in 2028??

Brittney Nichols, Reporter

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Before the seniors graduate on May 23rd, 2018, they were asked where they see themselves in the future. Here are their responses:

Dean Akins: “Fishing in the Bass Master Classic.”

Trent Akins: “Fishing.”

Brock Anderson: “My own house, a well paying job, and a family.”

Noah Bean: “Having a family and being a nurse.”

Alyssa Blagg: “Finishing school and hopefully starting a career.”

Aspen Brown: “In 10 years I hope to be a successful nurse and as happy as I can be.”

Janine Burleyson: “A professional graphic designer with a good job.”

Cole Carrol: “In a Maserati.”

Jacqui Alonso: “I plan to be living in a nice house with my dream job and my dream husband.”

Kathryn Dankesreiter: “In 10 years I will be 27 years old, and most likely I will still be paying off my college debt. By then I plan to be working for a large cooperation in a cubical slowly but surely working my way to world domination.”

Kourtney Dodson: “Working in a good career and having a family.”

Kamryn Doolittle: “I see myself starting a career and a family.”

Jordan Doughty: “Super MOM! (successful)”

Oscar Duran: “Have a house, wife, maybe some kids idk.”

Juan Fernandez: “My own home ready to live with a good job.”

Dawson Fogle: “Logging hours to switch to Airline Aviation.”

Quinton Fossett: “Coaching basketball somewhere in Texas.”

Bailey Frenette: “In 10 years I see myself having a family and graduated college as a dental hygienist.”

Brenden Fruth: “Either still in medical school or just starting to get experience as a pediatrician.”

Mariana Garcia: “Hopefully with -adopted- kids and working towards being a teacher or something along those lines.”

Mallory Geher: “Hopefully I’ll be sometime into a good job at a private research company, have my own place, and have a dog.”

Blake Gibson: “Employed”

Kylie Green: “I see myself at a law-firm”

Major Green: “Building houses or selling houses.”

Tyler Griffeth: “Teaching kids agriculture.”

Ryan Guzman: “Playing in the MLB.”

Emily Hendrix: “I see myself as a successful child life specialist working in a hospital.”

Johnny Hernandez: “Working for my family.”

Michael Hill: “I see myself with a degree in something with a good job and a nice family.”

Nate Hill: “Working as a senior software developer at Google, Microsoft, etc…, traveling around the world on vacations, and living with my wife in a nice house.”

Serena Hockins: “In ten years I hope I will be married, have kids, a stable family and job.”

Michael Holmberg: Having a house, a wife, and maybe a kid.”

Taylor Holder: “Carrying on my career in realistate.”

Zack Holt: “Halfway to retirement in the navy still working in the nuclear engineering field.”

Sam Hutcherson: “Either producing music for big artists or running my own engineering firm.”

Eddie Jaimes: “Living in Bailey’s garage.”

Presley Kelley: “Hopefully an elementary teacher.”

Dany Kesselus: “In 10 years, I would prefer to be fresh out of college with either a masters or doctorate. A steady paying job, and a dog (preferably a corgi)

Bailey Lewis: “Hopefully raising a lovely family and working as an RN.”

Adam Lopez: “Talking to people over the intercom of a commercial airplane.”

Cassie Low: “I see myself in my own home, married, starting a family, and already graduated from college with a great job.”

Avery Matheson: “Graduated from college, starting a career and family.”

Caleb McDaniel: “I se myself just getting out of college and into the workforce.”

Kelsi McDaniel: “With a stable job and maybe married.”

Kaden McEwen: “Working and being miserable till I retire.”

Patrick McGill: “College.”

Madison McKay: “A successful actor.”

Mary Mckenna: “Working my dream job as a nurse practitioner, married, 2 kids, owning a home.”

Forrest Moore: “Working in the oil fields.”

Chloe Nipper: “I really don’t know where I will be in 10 years, but I know that it will be a destination with kids or art.”

Sam Norwood: “Hopefully starting an oil and gas business of my own, with a family, in Texas.”

Alexus Page: “Hopefully being a successful writer or English teacher.”

Macy Popplewell: I see myself happily married with a few kids.”

Matthew Quesenbury: “Working at walmart and own my own house.”

Taylor Reed: “Hopefully a rich psychiatrist.”

Carson Rippentrop: “Bunch of cars, making money.”

Hector Rivera: Hopefully graduated from college.”

Tommy Rivera: “Having a good decent job, and doing good in life.”

Yanette Rodriguez: “Hopefully in 10 years I am still alive. I image myself being at home hopefully already married with one or two kids and working as a lawyer.”

Yvette Rodriguez: “I image that in 10 years I’ll be living in an apartment or nice small home with my own s/o and a few kids. I also see myself working for either a good company or owning my own business for graphic design making a decent amount of money.”

David Rogers: “N/A”

Skylar Saalfrank: “Either still in school, just getting out, or starting my business.”

Tye Schluter: “Sitting on the beach with all my friends having the time of my life. (If not, then on tour with the studio.)”

Becca Smith: “Graduated and starting a family.”

Derian Snodgrass: “I see myself with a stable life and plenty of pets.”

Monica Stewart: “I hope to have graduated from college and to have found a good job.”

Casey Thomason: “Working with kids and changing their life for the better.”

Kassi Valenzuela: “Being a marine biologist in San Antonio shutting down SeaWorld.”

Kayla Vise: “After graduating college, I would like to be working for a large company, or possibly opening up my own firm. Hopefully in 10 years or so, I’m married and settled down or something like that…”

Tyler Wagner: “Sitting on a park bench eating a hotdog.”

Hollie Waite:  “Married and starting a family.”

Rylan Waldo: “Living in a small town with two kids and a beautiful wife.”

Morgan Weir: “Hopefully successful in web design and graphic design with a stable career.”

Cade Wells: “Navy/Realestate.”

Julie West: “On the food network beating Bobby Flay.”

Hannah Wood: “I will be 28 with a couple of children with an expensive husband all living underneath my dads roof.”





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