Seniors Make Predictions About Classmates

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Most of the Class of 2018 has an idea where they want to be in 10 years, but where do they think their classmates will be?  The Roar staff asked them to pick one classmate and make a prediction about where they see that person in 10 years.

Dean Akins- Waldo at the Olympics

Trent Akins- Jack will be somewhere blowing money

Aspen Brown- I think Madison DeHaas will be making a huge impact on tons of kids lives, wherever she may be. She is so caring, kind, and helpful. Those kids will be lucky to have her.

Janine Burleyson- Chaise Glenn will become one of the most famous trumpet players in the world

Cole Carroll- In 10 years, I see Quinton Fossett with a condo in Florida

Jacqueline Alonso- Yanette Rodriguez is going to be a successful person. She has been in the army for so long and is going to have an amazing family and I will be next to her, to keep her in anything she asks me too.

Katheryn Dankesreiter- Mallory will most likely still be in school cause she’s gonna be a doctor or something equally as awesome

Kourtney Dodson- Sam Hutcherson will be CEO of Apple Inc.

Kamryn Doolittle- I can see Presley Kelly coaching softball at a school (either college or high school) and jamming out to Elvis

Oscar Duran- Kaden McEwen will be watching Family Guy still.

Juan Fernandez- Johnny will be a fireman

Dawson Fogle- Patrick McGill; still waiting on for Honor to be good

Quinton Fossett- The Studio will probably be at the VMAs getting an award

Bailey Frenette- Johnny will probably be an EMT or a firefighter

Brenden Fruth- I can see Nate Hill being the lead programmer for a major company sooner than 10 years

Mallory Gehrer- Kat Dankesreiter: That girl is going to be ruling to entire state of Texas in no time flat. She’ll instate a monarchy where she can be a Dictator Queen then come harass me! (Lovingly, of course)

Blake Gibson- Tyler Wagner: Radio Broadcaster

Kylie Green- Avery Matheson: Avery will probably be ruling the world.

Major Green- Cade Wells: Navy and/or selling real estate

Tyler Griffeth- Kamryn Doolittle: starting a family

Ryan Guzman- Michael Hill and I will still be best friends and making so much money

Jonathon Hernandez- The homie Michael (Holmberg) finna be making the big bucks racing dirt bikes

Michael Hill- I think Ryan Guzman will be in the MLB

Nate Hill- In ten years, Marty McFly (AKA The Hutch Studios, 2nd Samuel, and Sam H.) will be both successful rapper and engineer. New releases from The Studio will include “Arii,” “Trendsetter,” “The Rise,” “The Social Icon,” and “Dog Love.”

Serena Hockins- I pick Priscilla Martinez. In ten years I can see her as a successful business woman with a big family and a happy life

Michael Holmberg- Johnny Hernandez will be a firefighter saving lives

Taylor Holder- Casey Thompson: I think she will be a teacher or a nurse in her future. Doing everything to prepare for in, etc.

Zachary Holt-Cruz- Nate Hill: Working for a major tech company using computers to make our lives easier

Sam Hutcherson- Sam Norwood is going to be one of the heads of my record label in 10 years

Eddie James- I think Bailey will be thriving and uh letting me live in her garage

Presley Kelley- I think Taylor Reed will be a psychiatrist in 10 years

Danyel Kesselus- Hitch will be a millionaire producer. His original hit song, “Ponder” Ft. Tye Swi$h & The Norwegian

Bailey Lewis- I believe Kat Dankesreiter will be a wonderful, rich, successful businesswoman, and quite possibly on her way towards ruling a country. Go Kat 🙂

Adam Lopez- Caleb will be working at Dairy Queen

Cassandra Low- Bailey Frenette will be a dental hygienist with someone and about to start a family and living on her own. If anyone makes their dreams come true, it’s her.

Avery Matheson- Teddy; Married wit babies, a coach at a small school, spends lots of time with family

Caleb McDaniel- Kelsi; She will be living off her multiple boyfriends who are all broke and living in the streets. My last words to her when she dies is, “I was better.”

Kelsi McDaniel- Caleb McDaniel: Probably a divorced bachelor hitting on college girls by telling them he almost became an airplane pilot.

Kaden McEwen- Adam will be the general manager of a Dairy Queen forever

Patrick McGill- Brenden Fruth; College

Madison McKay- Sam Norwood will probably be on his way to CEO of a major company. And if that doesn’t work out, his rapping career could take off.

Mary McKenna- I think Tyler Griffeth will be an AG teacher and will live on a huge farm

Chloe Nipper- Yvette: I see her as a very successful graphic designer and being married to her current boyfriend and having several kids. Then her husband dying due to a piano falling. (Inside Joke)

Sam Norwood- Sam Hutcherson will be in jail, broke, and homeless, with a bounty on his head from random gangs.

Alexus Page- Bekah Brand: I believe she will be an amazing artist for people who want amazing art work for their cars or as a tattoo

Macy Popplewell- Teddy will be married to the “smokin hot” wife of his dreams with like 5 kids. They will be living out of the country in a huge mansion because he will be bankin’.

Matthew Quesenbury- Matthew Skilly: I see him being rich for a long time

Taylor Reed- Presley Kelley will be a teacher in 10 years

Carson Rippentrop- Cade Wells:  Military

Hector Rivera- Oscar Duran: Eating as much food as he can

Tommy Rivera- Kaden:  I think he will have a good job, and live with his girlfriend

Yanette Rodriguez- Jaqui: I imagine her being a teacher, teaching an ESL class and helping students be confident, also hopefully by then she’ll be married with a kid and I’ll be the godmother of her first born

Skylar Saalfrank- I see Sam Hutcherson in some really, really important position

Tye Schluter- Rylan will be sitting next to me on the beach

Monica Stewart- I think Aspen is going to be successful in whatever career she chooses. Knowing her for the past several years has made me believe she’s going to have a bunch of dogs.

Tyler Wagner- Trent Akins will be a professional fisherman and will be a millionaire

Rylan Waldo- Sam Norwood: Running some part of government

Morgan Weir- Derian: I believe in ten years she will be a part of an animal rescue program or have many rescue animals at home. I also think she will find her path in life and finally figure out what she wants to do

Cade Wells- Carson: Working on helicopters

Hannah Wood- Alyssa will be 28 continuing to send me streaks. (We would be going into a 4,000 day streak)


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