• March 173/23- Softball @Whitesboro- 11:00

  • March 173/22-Baseball @Whitesboro- 4:30; Choir Concert @ Krum HS Auditorium- 7:00; Varsity Girls Tennis @ Princeton

  • March 173/21- PHS Track Meet; Varsity Boys and Girls Tennis @ Princeton

  • March 173/19-Baseball vs. Callisburg- 4:30; JV Tennis @ Whitesboro; Boys & Girls [email protected] Gunter

  • March 173/18-Softball vs. Callisburg- 6:30

Class of 2018 Memories

Cole Moynagh, Reporter

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It’s time to say goodbye to the Class of 2018, but they wanted to leave us with some of their favorite memories of their time at PHS.  Here are some of them:

Dean Akins – Fishing on the fishing team

Trent Akins – Tyler sinking the Jon Boat

Jacqueline Alonso – Being able to experience shattered dreams

Brock Anderson – Mrs. J’s class

Noah Bean – Playing sports

Alyssa Blagg – Basketball playoff games

Aspen Brown – The thing I will remember most about high school is being an aide for Mrs. Lane and Mrs. Boxell.  They have made a huge impact on my life, and I can’t thank them enough.

Janine Burleyson – Meeting amazing people and becoming friends with them

Cole Carrol – Leaving it

Jacqui Castillo- Being able to experience Shattered Dreams and being a part of something so meaningful

Kathryn Dankestreiter – Getting up on the band podium and conducting the band and the podium was rolling away

Kourtney Dodson- Lunch with friends

Kamryn Doolittle – My freshman year production of “Mary Girard” and advancing to area

Jordan Doughty – Volleyball games, football games, basketball games, dual credit, prom, and senior year were the most memorable for me those are places where I found out who my friends were and who I enjoyed being around to make the best memories with.

Oscar Duran – Making regionals for the 4×100 meter relay

Dawson Fogle- Friday nights with the drumline

Quinton Fossett – Basketball playoff run junior year and making it to the regional finals

Bailey Fernette – The most memorable time at PHS would be the football games, camps, bus rides, and practices with the volleyball girls.

Brenden Fruth – State UIL meet this year

Mallory Gehrer – Lunch period with my girls

Blake Gibson – Senior night basketball game

Kylie Green – Basketball and football games

Major Green – Football games

Tyler Griffith – When Coach Butcher was here to bring senior English a fun time with a sassy attitude

Ryan Guzman – JV baseball

Jonathon Hernandez – Getting the student section lit for the football games

Emily Hendrix – My most memorable time at PHS was my junior year when volleyball made the playoffs for the first time

Michael Hill – Playing football my senior year

Nate Hill – Competing at the UIL state meet my senior year

Serena Hockins- There were a lot of memorable moments, but the best was the first time I walked into the school.

Taylor Holder – Shattered Dreams

Zackary Holt – Going to the regional tennis tournament

Samuel Huterson – Creating rockSTAAR with Tye$wi$h and the Norwegian and making the news and the radio

Eddie James – When Dawson and I wore dresses

Presley Kelley – Making it to playoffs in softball with my favorite group of girls

Danyel Kesselus – I’ve loved getting to participate in extracurriculars with some of my best friends and being given the opportunity to participate in so many different things.

Bailey Lewis – I can’t choose one so here’s a few: 1) Mrs. Crider almost throwing a rat on me, 2) Participating in Shattered Dreams, 3) Qualifying for UIL Regionals all 4 years

Adam Lopez – Friday night lights

Cassandra Low – My senior prom was amazing.  Many people didn’t have fun, but it mattered what people you went with.  I danced the night away and had great time with my friends.

Avery Matheson – Lunch table junior year

Caleb McDaniel – Leaving

Kelsi McDaniel – April – May before graduation

Patrick McGill – Witnessing the rise to stardom

Madison McKay – The one act play cast and crew had to put together a play three weeks before contest. We worked hard and even though we didn’t advance, I was proud of us.  I love you guys!

Mary McKenna – When Jessica Simpson threw a baked potato across the cafeteria, and it exploded. Then Coach Young yelled at everyone.

Forrest Moore – Riding motorcycles on the track

Chloe Nipper – It would have to be prom 2018 because events that happened at prom made it feel like a movie.

Sam Norwood- Doing physics with Coach Espolt

Alexus Page – My most memorable times at PHS are drama, Spanish, and book club. I have had the chance of meeting some great teachers and amazing peers.

Macy Popplewell – making playoffs in basketball my senior year and basically my entire senior basketball season

Matthew Quesenbury – math class

Taylor Reed- Going to playoffs in softball and regionals in tennis

Carson Rippentrop – When I met Jacqui Castillo in 9th grade

Hector Rivera – Senior year

Thomas Rivera – When I ran for class president and actually won

Yanette Rodriguez – 2018 prom

Yvette Rodriguez- I will never forget the day when Teddy twerked in class!

David Rogers – All the days in video game design

Skylar Saalfrank – It is hard to pick one time so my top two are my trip to Austin with the PALs, and being an aide in the office.  I have no idea what I am going to do without these people next year!

Tye Schluter – All the laughs shared with everyone in our class, the teachers, and my friends. (And partying with Mr. Huckabey)

Rebecca Smith – my entire sophomore year 😉

Monica Stewart – I’m going to remember volleyball the most.  I’m going to miss all those late night talks with Aspen and the long bus rides.  I’m also going to miss Coach Snider and Coach Williams; they have made the past two years ones to remember.

Casey Thomason – My favorite memory fromPHS is any memory I made with the PAL program. Miss K and all of the PALs have become my best friends, and I would not change that for anything.  Big shout out to them for changing my life forever.

Kassi Valenzuela- Every time Mrs. Wallum said, “Whoo!”

Kayla Vise – Honestly it’s hard to pinpoint one good memory that stands out from all of them, but I’d say my time as a cheerleader was the most memorable.  Ever since I was a little girl in elementary school, I aspired to be a part of Ponder’s varsity squad, and I am so happy it’s been such a big part of my high school career.

Tyler Wagner – Flipped a boat in the pond with Trent Akins

Hollie Waite – Powerlifting competitions

Rylan Waldo – Going to the state track meet

Morgan Weir – I’ve made so many wonderful memories with my friends and teachers.  I don’t think I could pick just one.

Cade Wells – When someone cut the string when I was flying my kite in geometry

Julie West – Every day at lunch with my friends

Hannah Wood -All of my senior year


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