March Madness: Final Four Preview

Quinton Fossett, Reporter

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The 2018 NCAA men’s basketball tournament has had no shortages of upsets this year. With a 16 seed knocking of the overall number 1 seed, and the lowest seeds in the history of the tournament meeting in the Elite 8 in the South region the excitement has been ongoing since the opening round games. The Final Four is no different with 11 seed Loyola-Chicago and number 3 seeded Michigan making appearances. The other side of the bracket features one seeded Kansas and one seeded Villanova for a matchup that will not disappoint. The tournament has left many brackets in shambles (including mine), but I’m about to make this mistake again and try to pick the Final Four.

Final Four Game 1- 5:09 pm tip


How they got here: Missouri Valley Conference champions, RD of 64 W over Miami, RD of 32 W over Tennessee, Sweet 16 W over Nevada, Elite 8 W over Kansas State


How they got here: Big 10 tournament champions, RD of 64 W over Montana, RD of 32 W over Houston, Sweet 16 W over Texas A&M, Elite 8 W over Florida State

Prediction: Loyola-Chicago, after already knocking off the SEC champion, Loyola will find a way to knock off the Big 10 champ as well, Ramblers ramble on.

Game 2- 7:49 pm tip


How they got here: Big East champions, RD of 64 W over Radford, RD of 32 W over Alabama, Sweet 16 W over West Virginia, Elite 8 W over Texas Tech


How they got here: Big 12 champion ,RD of 64 W over Penn, RD of 32 W over Seton Hall, Sweet 16 W over Clemson, Elite 8 W over Duke

Prediction: Villanova, the Wildcats dominance in March will continue, this could be the best game of the weekend in a game that could go either way

National Championship- April 2nd 8:20 tip  

Prediction: Villanova over Loyola-Chicago, the Cinderella run of Loyola will end just short of a National Championship, Nova’s hot shooting will carry them to a win for their second championship in three years



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