Ponder has a Fishing Team?

Cole Moynagh, Reporter

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You heard it right. Your Ponder Lions have a bass fishing team. There are many other high schools in Texas that have a fishing team that competes with Ponder. Each high school is part of the THSBA, which stands for Texas High School Bass Association. There are 6 divisions in Texas, and each division competes within itself. These divisions are Central, Houston, West, East, North, and Northeast. Ponder is in the North Division, Some schools we compete with are Sanger, Argyle, Denton, and Northwest just to name a few. There have been 3 tournaments so far this year. Ponder has competed at Lake Ray Roberts, Lake Lewisville, and Lake Texoma. The next tournament will be at Ray Hubbard on February 10th. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact Mrs. Pullen at the Middle School Library.

Here are some of Ponder’s top teams at each tournament:

Ray Roberts: Trent and Dean Akins with 4.74 lbs;  and Wyatt Pullen and Bryce Brockett with 4.24 lbs.

Lewisville: Trent and Dean Akins with 14.21 lbs which got them 4th place! Caleb Dockery and Zane Melton with 10.16 lbs.

Texoma: Trent and Dean Akins with 9.46 lbs; Caden Doolittle and Darren Kelly with 6.25 lbs;

and Cole Moynagh and Logan Ivy with 3.25 lbs.



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